Online Pre-Ordering

How Pre-Ordering Works...

There are many patients who need already know what strain of ours that they like and would like to purchase.

To help speed up the process of decrease the wait time for patients who know what they want to order, you can now pre-order your medication Online using our Pre-Order Page.

You will login in, select what you would like to pre-order, and your order will be available for pickup within 20mins of ordering. Patients who Pre-Order Online will receive express service.

NOTE: Pre-Ordering System does not verify a patient's allowable medical marijuana limits through the Department of Health Services. The ordering system will allow patients to Pre-Order in amounts exceeding their limits... However, AZCS will do its best to notify any patient trying to exceed their 14-day limit before their arrive at the facility.

How to Register for Pre-Ordering...

Only Valid Arizona MMJ Card-holding Patents who have visited the Arizona Cannabis Society Facility and signed up for Online Pre-Ordering, are eligible.

Just come down to AZCS, so we can establish a user name and password for you to access the pre-order website and place orders. It is a quick and simple process. After that, you will be able to start pre-ordering your medication and have it ready for you, by the time you get there.

Already Registered?

Click Here to Login and access the pre-order site and begin shopping.

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